Patriarchal images of god and violence towards women

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The narratives that we live by are highly informed by religious indoctrination. When that indoctrination is patriarchal in nature, the likelihood for conflict arises as patriarchy and matriarchy are perceived as two opposing extremes. That conflict is further exacerbated when those who do not fit the image of a God defined by patriarchal men, are seen as others, outside the auspices of God's original creation. Oppression, that gives way to violence, is often the consequence as patriarchy endeavors to maintain its claim of supremacy. All too often, the maintenance of power, by the use of male imagery for the divine, calls for the denial and suppression of feminine imagery and agency. The fervent quest to maintain patriarchal power in the church manifests itself in every sector of society as women are subjected to violence so that men can continue to make God in their image. The purpose of this participatory demonstration project is was to determine how traditional Christian theology has socialized men into roles that support the domination and subsequent violence towards women in the church and in society. The project seeks to answer three important questions:
• What are some of the traditional theological and biblical roots for patriarchal images of God? • How do relationships with women, grounded in domination-subordination, translate into intimate partner violence?
• What educational process will counter-socialize men in an effort to reduce violence against women? An analysis of these three research questions will help to form a basis in which the religious roots of violence towards women can be identified, and offer men a method to re-story and embrace alternative narratives for the purpose of reducing violence and increasing peace with women.  
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